The club has a series of competitions throughout the year. These are both internal, which involve club members only and external, which are between one or more clubs.


These are either OPEN, which allows any subject to be entered or SET SUBJECT, which means that the entries should reflect the members’ interpretation of specific subject.

There are two sections for each competition, which are PRINTS (7” x 5” or larger and mounted) and SLIDES (35 mm format). A judge is invited along to comment on each image and to award marks out of 20 for each entry. These marks are totalled throughout the year and there is a prize awarded each year for the winner and runner up in each category.

All internal competition entires must be in the hands of Brian or Marjorie Holliday on the Monday prior to the competition date at the latest.

Internal Digital Competitions:

Images entered for the internal digital competitions should have the following characteristics:

Resolution: 1024 X 768

Colour Space: sRGB

File Format: .jpg

Title: Image name by Author (e.g. an image called “lakeside View” entered by John Smith would be titled Lakeside View by John Smith.jpg

Christmas Enprint Competition:

The Christmas Enprint Competition is held each year on the last meeting date before the Christmas break. It is a fun competition which is judged not only for photographic content but also on the topic.


The Rosebowl:

This is an annual competition held throughout the UK based on the regions of the Photographic Alliance of Great Britain (PAGB). We enter the Chiltern Association of Camera Clubs (CACC) section. The event takes place in three rounds between October and February with the top teams going forward to a finals day in March or April. The competition has been for 35mm slides, to date, but will be for digital images in 2009.

Format Information for digital images:


FILENAME: As specified by host club or STO_Authors Name_Image title.jpg


IMAGE SIZE: 1024 Wide by 768 High unless specified differently by host club

(i.e. for a landscape image the maximum width is 1024 pixels and for a portrait image the maximum height is 768 pixels)


COLOUR SPACE: sRGB (any version)

The image area must not display the title or the name of the author

Best Panel of Prints:

This competition is held on the Finals Day of the Rosebowl Competition. It allows a member club to enter a panel of six prints to be judged. We enter this competition each year.

Inter Club Competitions:

From time to time we organise or are invited to participate in competitions with other clubs in the area. These can be slide, print or both slide and print competitions. They are usually friendly and not for any specific award.

There are a number of National and International Photographic Awards which can be worked for and among these are the Royal Photographic Society LRPS (Licentiate), ARPS (Associate) and FRPS (Fellowship). Further details of these and other awards are available within the Club.